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When I first got into Fashion Photography, I had no idea where to start. I knew I wanted to photograph people in fabulous clothes but at the time didn’t know any stylists or models. Then a light bulb went off above my head and I started googling “Fort Worth Fashion Bloggers.” The first name that popped up was Style of Sam. Fast forward to our first shoot, I was so excited to start my fashion career and was super confident about how I was going to be photographing. After our shoot, I started post-processing and realized I forgot many detail shots and let’s say.. I got a little too creative and lost focus on “blog photos.”

If you are starting to get into Style Blog Photography- here is a perfect “Shot List” to follow.

  1. Full Body
  2. Upper Half
  3. Mid Section aka “Pinterest Shot”
  4. Bottom Half
  5. Back Shot
  6. Shoes
  7. Earrings
  8. Bags/Hand item
  9. Jewelry & other accessories
  10. Clothing Detail (if any)
  11. Creative Shot

*Note for the best results- You will need to capture a horizontal, vertical, side view, close up, and get creative with different angles for each shot.

Examples Below: (Click to enlarge)

Full Body

Upper Half

Mid Section aka “Pinterest Shot”

Bottom Half

Back Shot


Earrings- (This shot is the one I forget the most.)

Bags/Hand item

Jewelry + Accessories

Specific Details

Creative Shot

First-time blogger tips:

Tip 1: If you are working with a first-time blogger, I would recommend them to bring anything for them to hold during the shoot. I’ve had a lot of clients that were confused about their hand placement. Have them bring a travel mug, purse, clutch, phone, etc.

Tip 2: First time shoot jitters- After introducing yourself, get to know your client. This will make them feel more comfortable and will definitely make a huge difference in your photos. Another tip is walking through step-by-step what you're going to be photographing.

Example: “Alright Penny, I’m going to be photographing your mid section which is called the ‘Pinterest shot’, you don’t have to worry about your eyes in this shot, but I might get your lips.”

Tip 3: Being in front of the camera is pretty intimidating, even for myself. Have them start by looking away from the camera.

In the end, your clients hired you because of your creative eye. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take risks, and have fun.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shooting!

XO, Angie


All images from this post were photographed by me featuring images from: Style of Sam, Chronicles of Frivolity, Gal About Town, Alwayz Fashionably Late, Style Sew Me, Natalie Sorensen, Jasmine Elias, Ashley Larea, The Heart of the House and Hustle + Halcyon.

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