Tips for Working from Home

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a list that I would have LOVED when I started photography full-time. I didn't know how to manage my time properly and would sometimes catch myself working 7am-9pm days and would forget to separate time for personal days. The truth is, I'm still struggling with time management and working towards a set schedule. 

If you follow these steps below, it should make you more successful at working from home. 

  1. Create a set schedule for your week by starting your day at a certain time and ending your day at a certain time. Allow yourself weekends off or atleast 2 days off a week for personal days. Here is my personal schedule: 

    Sunday: Off

    Monday: Off (or Admin)

    Tuesday: Shooting/ Editing Day

    Wednesday: Editing Only Day 8am-5pm

    Thursday: Shooting/ Editing Day 

    Friday: Editing Only Day 8am-5pm

    Saturday: Shooting Only Day

  2. Get ready and dress the part, even if you are home. This will give you the mindset that you are “at work."
  3. Have a work area that is separate from the bedroom if possible. You want the bedroom to be a place you go to relax and working in the bedroom wouldn’t allow that. If you don’t have a study in your home, create a space that is specifically a work area. 
  4. Have a to-do list that is created weekly or daily and cross them off as you go. I like to write down which clients I have to shoot with or edit that day and cross off as I go. It is such a great feeling once everything is crossed off!
  5. Turn your phone on silent or leave in another room. Phones are a huge distraction and you’ll find yourself browsing the web for an hour. (Guilty! Huge challenge for me is to staying off of Buzzfeed! The quizzes and articles are addicting.)
  6. Listen to good tunes or a podcast to tune out any distractions. Spotify is a great music streaming service that you can download onto your computer. Trust me, it's so much better than the app because you can actually pick the songs and albums that you want to listen to with less commercials. Here is my personal “Work Flow” Playlist. 
  7. Don’t watch Netflix or TV during work hours. You’ll find yourself glued to the TV and forget you’re working. Even casually glancing at the TV will take time away from working. *If you just have to, have it as background noise on your laptop on another window, so you can listen to it like a podcast.
  8. If you find yourself snacking more than usual, keep healthy snacks around. 
  9. Give yourself an hour lunch break where you are away from your desk.
  10. Take 2 // 15 minute breaks throughout your day to feel refreshed/ I play with my dogs, check instagram, take a power nap, make some tea or coffee, stretch, quick walk around the neighborhood. (Having dogs is great for that!) 
  11. Spirulina is your BFF and taking daily vitamins.- Skip the soda and energy drinks.
  12. Drink tons of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

XO, Angie

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