Loading LR Presets

 How to load lightroom presets

Step 1

Locate the ZIP folder in your Download folder. 


Now we have to UNZIP the folder to access the files.

Step 2


Right Click on Zip file

Click on "Open With"

Click on "Archive Utility"



Right Click on Zip file

Click on "Extract All"

Click "Extract"

Step 3

By doing Step 2, You now have an unzipped folder that will be able to be loaded into Lightroom

Step 4

Open Lightroom

Click on "Lightroom"

Click on "Preferences"

Step 5

Click on "Presets"

Click on "Show Lightroom Presets Folder" 

Step 6

Click on "Lightroom" folder

Click on "Develop Presets"

Step 7

Drag the presets folder from "Downloads" into the "Develop Presets" folder

Side note: Becareful not to drag the original zipped folder


Last Step! Restart Lightroom




Step 8

All steps are finished!


You will now be able to locate your new presets under "Develop" and "Presets"