Working From Home Has Gotten Easier with Clio Coffee

My morning routine now consists of rolling out of bed, checking my photo shoot calendar for the day, and then walking like a literal zombie to my new Clio Coffee machine to re-energize for the day. 

I never knew having something as simple as a coffee machine next to my work desk, would change the level of my productivity for the better. Before collaborating with Clio Coffee to promote their beautiful new machines, I have never owned a coffee machine. Preferring to work from home, I never liked making my way to coffee shops unless I had to for meetings. To be honest, I use to go without coffee and take afternoon naps. Which wasn’t helping for my work life.  

Being in the last year of my 20’s, I knew I needed to commit to one and y’all this one just brings it! This machine is a dream for creatives and/or people who work from home. The design is sleek and classic— going with my mid century modern home aesthetic. It is relatively smaller than the average coffee machine which makes it great for small spaces— like for my 600 sq ft apartment. It is fast and easy to use, you can have a warm cup of coffee in seconds.

Clio has made it easy by offering a subscription service to their machines where you can pick your choice of brewer and pods. Each blend has 10 pods per package. They have created coffee blends designed for every part of the day. My favorite is a medium roast called “Smooth Sailing” perfect for the afternoon pick-me-ups. 

It is so simple to use, there’s only three buttons on the machine. C- coffee E- espresso and T- for tea. I like using the coffee option for fall/winter and the espresso option for iced coffee. If I am editing all night and know I want cold coffee in the morning, I brew a cup at night and leave it in the fridge overnight and just add almond milk creamer in the morning.

The coffee is roasted in Italy, has 4 oz more than the average coffee pod, and tastes bold and divine since every bean is brewed using their high pressure brewing method. I mean this when I say it, this coffee tastes like pure luxury and that’s why I’m so proud to partner with a brand I believe in! My husband is picky with his coffee and actually likes the taste of blends from this machine and has a cup to-go before work. I know you all will love it too.

Make sure to bookmark this blog post as this product would make the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life! With the ease of using the products and the convenience of the service, I can’t wait to gift Clio Coffee to a family member for Christmas.

Huge thanks to Clio Coffee for gifting me their machine and pods for this sponsored post.

Get yours today at cliocoffee.com