Favorite places to shoot in DFW

I would love to share with y'all my top 15 favorite places to shoot in Dallas-Fort Worth. It is a guide that I wish I had whenever I first started doing photography and was clueless when it came to locations. Let's jump right in!

15. Downtown Dallas

My favorite spots in Downtown Dallas includes The Joule Hotel, The original Neiman Marcus, and Klyde Warren Park.


14. Deep Ellum, Dallas

Deep Ellum is filled with street art, color, and graffiti. The art is constantly changing which makes for a fun shooting location.

13. Bishop Arts District, Dallas

Believe it or not, Bishop Arts District was designed in the 1920's to be a streetcar stop. Now it is home to over 60 boutiques! I love how unique and shabby chic this area is. 

12. Fort Worth Art Murals

As you see, there aren't that many pictures shown below because street art is very NEW to Fort Worth. Thanks to the talented Katie Murray of Katiepaintbrush.com and m2gventures.com, Fort Worth has three brand new inspiring murals (one is not pictured.) There is a rumor going around that other pieces are in the works! The colorful Pantone themed garages is located at Trust Print Shop. The staff that works there couldn't be more nice!

11. White Rock Lake, Dallas

This place truly is amazing. The views of the lake and docks are even more stunning in person. There's also a little historic home hidden in White Rock Lake that I can't get enough of!

10. West 7th, Fort Worth

Well, I was hoping to put more pictures for West 7th but the truth is, this place is constantly- I mean CONSTANTLY changing. There's already four locations that have been demolished or painted over. I have had so many shoots here but the images aren't worth sharing since the locations no longer exist. Now the good thing about that is there's always going to be new locations here and it will feel like your visiting a new place every shoot. Also, the West 7th bridge isn't going anywhere! It was recently completed a little over three years ago and there is a stunning view of Downtown Fort Worth from it.

9. Flora Street, Dallas

I have nothing but great things to say about Flora Street. If you love neutral backgrounds, this street is for you! My favorite locations include the AT&T Performance Art Center, Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, and the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.

8. Knox/Henderson, Dallas

If you love the backgrounds that Deep Ellum has to offer but don't care too much to be around the bums, then Knox/Henderson will be your go-to. Make sure to ask for permission before shooting, the owners will be so much more lenient! 

7. Dallas Design District

I apologize for the photo overload here, but the options really are endless. This definitely isn't everything this area has to offer. What's great about the Dallas Design District is if you go during the weekend, you will have so much privacy! This is a low-traffic area. 

6. Harwood District, Dallas

I love the "girlyness" of the area. From the Magnolias coffee shop to the beautiful pink panels at Hotel St. Germain, this is every fashion bloggers dream! I also love photographing at the beautiful Crescent Hotel. It truly makes you feel as if you are in Paris!

5. Magnolia Street, Fort Worth

Magnolia Street is filled with many gems. It is basically the Fort Worth version of Bishop Arts District. I love to go here if I know my client has casual looks. Make sure after your shoot, you stop by Melt Ice Cream, Stir Crazy Baked Goods, Brewed and Avoca Coffee Shop!

4. Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

From the beautiful white venue to the florals in the park, Arlington Hall is always a dream to shoot in. The ONLY downfall is that there may or may not be a wedding going on when you arrive to shoot. Across from the venue is the gorgeous view of Turtle Creek.

3. Trinity Groves & Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas

I love LOVE all of the backgrounds Trinity Groves has to offer. If you are new to Dallas, this place is a must! Even when you aren't shooting, you can stop by the Cake Bar or walk around to see the amazing street art. My favorite mural there is by the amazing artist Shepard Fairey who shot to even more fame when we did the art work for the Obama campaign. *Please make sure to ask for permission from Bishop Arts before shooting there because there are a couple of rules! They have always been so nice to work with! 

Across Trinity Groves is the STUNNING Margaret Hunt Hill bridge and a stunning view of Downtown Dallas. I can't say I have ever had a bad shoot there.

2. Downtown Fort Worth

This downtown is my favorite downtown. The streets are so clean, people are so friendly, and parking is so EASY. I love the stunning buildings and neutral tones this downtown has to offer. If you are new to Fort Worth, you will love Sundance Square! During the summer, they offer free yoga classes and movie nights!

1. The Kimbell Art Museum and The Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth

I love this location because it is truly the easiest. Every corner will feel new and the views are stunning! The options are endless, I could literally shoot here every week and it will feel like a new experience every time. Plus the staff at both of these places are so kind! Shout out to Alvaro!

Best of 2016

I’m so excited to FINALLY share with y’all a recap of really the best moments I’ve had in 2016 as a fashion/blog photographer. 

12. Test Shoots

I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted to, but I am glad I made time to shoot with these two- De’Ana and Molly. Test shoots are so much fun because this is where you can get as creative as you want to because you both are there just to create some amazing content for your portfolio. I hope to do more test shoots this year.

11. Mersistone

Kori Jean and Kelsi of Mersistone have been so amazing to work with. They are both so kind and the best part is that they can SING! They are a country music duo based in Nashville! They drove down from Nashville just to shoot with me and I felt so honored. These girls are going places and I’m so excited for them! Thanks to Hillary of Hillarytoparis.com for introducing us. 

10. Bike shoot with Kate from Lonestar Southern

If I could choose my favorite shoot with Kate from the whole year, this one would be it. I mean.. pink bike and a Kate Spade dress, GIRL WORK! BTW, if you aren’t already following Kate, please do. This girl is a gem! She is so sweet and really cares about her readers. 

9. Getting to shoot with Lauren of Vandifair.com weekly

Getting to know Lauren during our weekly shoots has been so much fun! I admire her love for color, puppies, and all things Disney. The highlight of shooting with Lauren last year- was road tripping to Austin to shoot with Olivia of livvylandblog.com. They both have such good hearts and are so fun to be around. I also got to learn more about Lauren during our road trip and we even got to stop at the infamous Buccee’s! 

8. Katey of Chronicles of Frivolity's Blue Dress

I had to include this shoot because you would never know that it was the most muggy and cloudy day EVER when we shot this. It literally stormed as soon as we were wrapping up. Regardless of all that, Katey managed to still look stunning! I think she had just announced that she was pregnant at this point and she had that gorgeous motherly glow! I loved getting to know Katey more throughout the year and out of the many shoots that we did, this one was my absolute favorite!

7. Dallas Press Trip for Visit Dallas

I cannot thank Jenn from Haute off the Rack enough for setting me up with this gig that happened right after NYFW. I got to run around Dallas with non-local bloggers and writers during their trip to discover all the amazingness that makes Dallas. We went to the Dallas Symphony Gala after-party, saw a few art museums, got to meet a well known Jewelry designer, and more!

6. Miami Swim Week

Miami was filled with amazing backgrounds. It is basically any photographers and bloggers dream to have so many beautiful backgrounds. This was the highlight for me- if you are ever in Miami, Wynwood Walls is a MUST! 

5. Empowerment Exchange shoot

I was so honored to photograph the Empowerment Exchange ladies for their first shoot. Love women supporting women and sharing their love for fashion. Thank you to Melody of Blingaholic88.com for involving me.

4. rewardStyle Conference

This was my first year being around all of the festivities. If you aren’t familiar with rewardStyle, it is a company based in Dallas that pairs bloggers with brands and in return they get commission for what sells on their blog or on instagram by their liketoknow.it system. I don’t want to get too deep into it, since I don’t know too much about it. But this conference is invite-only for their top performers. Being there for the first time, it felt like Fashion Week! It was such a fun experience and I loved meeting everyone and working with locals.

3. Getting to know local clients

There was nothing like the feeling of shooting in my town and getting to learn more about my clients. Building that relationship and trust is important when you shoot with someone so often. Loved shooting with these amazing women and learning more about their story.

2. New York Fashion Week

I don’t even think I need to explain. NYFW was an amazing experience as a fashion photographer and I’m sure it always will be. More on this experience later.

1. Shooting around Fort Worth with Style of Sam

This shoot was my favorite shoot of the year because I got to hang out with Sam and we got to shoot around our city! Sam was my very first fashion blogger client and we have grown to become very good friends. This day could not be more perfect, there was no traffic, the weather was perfect, and we got to catch up during the shoot! Plus, we got to really show off the amazing backdrops the city has to offer! The backgrounds included Trust Print Shop, Taco Heads, and the Kimbell Museum of Art.

Thank you all of the amazing year and support you have shown me through social media! If you have made it this far into the post, THANK YOU! I want to throw a secret photoshoot giveaway just for you readers. To enter: comment with a camera emoji with "I Entered!" on my last instagram photo (Photo of @_megankristine wearing a grey sweater dress and tan boots.) This giveaway is only open to bloggers/influencers and you must be willing to travel to Fort Worth for the shoot. Giveaway winner will be selected March 17th.

Here is my instagram top 9!

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Beehive Boutique Lookbook Collaboration

Originally, I wanted my first post of the year to be a "Best of 2016" post. After moving into a new home in January it kind of pushed my post back and now we are in the third week of February. So now I kind of nixed the idea but please let me know if you would still like to see it!

I wanted to share my favorite images from my recent collaboration with the most fun boutique in all of Fort Worth- Beehive Boutique. Last year, my work lacked on lookbook shoots and I really wanted to kick off the new year with a fun lookbook with one of my favorite stores. I want to give a shout out to Chelsea, the store manager for her support and always being open to my ideas. 

The team:

Make-up: BA Beauty- Becca Ashmon (Book Becca and her team, she is the most fun person to have around and her work is flawless.)

Styling: Ashley Nudge- This girl is Magic! She was also super helpful on set.

Models: De'Ana Fierce, Chelsy Forbes, Marrica Evans, Brandi Coley


Post processing was actually done in Lightroom! For anyone who knows me, this may come as a shocker. I am pro photoshop and always have been. But when it comes to look books, editing is so much more easier in LR. No retouching has been done to this shoot. I believe all of the girls looked beautiful in their own skin and I wanted to promote their natural beauty.

Gear for this day: Canon 6D, Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art, Canon 85mm 1.8 (Click on links to purchase)

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this shoot and for sacrificing a little bit of Super Bowl Sunday festivies to make this shoot a success. 

You can shop these looks at the Fort Worth store located at 4808 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107 and online.

As always, Thanks for stopping by! 

XO, Angie

Sleeklens Photoshop Actions Review

Since I have started my blog, I wanted to talk about Photoshop actions. Actions are tools you can use in Photoshop to speed up workflow. All you have to do is press play on an action set and everything from lighting, contrast, shadows, color tones will be automatically adjusted by a press of a finger. Everything is adjustable within the folder. This will not be a tutorial but a review on this specific action set. 

I was generously given the Portrait Perfection Action set from Sleeklens to write this review. 

I would love to start off with- WOW! This was such a great action set to be gifted. What I loved about it was that it didn’t dramatically adjust the image. With most actions sets, they really go all out and you have to adjust every single folder. Luckily with these, I only had to adjust the shadows and contrast. 

This set is great for any beginner to professional photographer. I would feel comfortable using this set for all of my shoots because the adjustments are very subtle and you only have to do slight adjustments. I started with the Base actions and then moved on to the Enhance Tones actions.

Each image only took me less than 5 minutes to complete.

Here are all of my before and afters from my shoot with Style of Sam.


Here are the exact settings I used in this shoot:

In Camera Raw-

Enable Lens Corrections

Distortion- 0

Vignetting- 100

Temperature 4900

Tint +10

Exposure +.050

Shadows +20

Whites +38

Actions used in Photoshop-

Base- From Bright Sunny Days

Color Correction- Natural

Enhance Tones- Romantic Dance


Overall, this action set would definitely be worth every penny. I look forward to using more of their actions. I recommend this for beginner photographers for their first action set or professional photographers that want to speed up their workflow.


This set can be purchased here:


Here's a video on how to install PS actions on MAC and PC:


Here's another video on how to work with Portrait perfection portrait workflow:


To see more actions offered by Sleeklens, click here: https://sleeklens.com/product-category/photoshop-actions/

Sleeklens also offers a professional editing service: https://sleeklens.com/product/professional-photo-editing-service/


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Video Tutorial: How to change background colors in photoshop


  • Switch colors from black and white in order to erase and add on the layer mask.
  • Use the Hue/Saturation adjustment tool to change colors in photo by selecting the color you want to adjust in the drop-down menu. In this video by clicking on the finger with arrows- it auto- selects which color you want to adjust. 
  • The video shows you how to save the adjustments to apply to other photos. 

Miami Swim Week

I am so excited to share with you all my images during Miami Swim Week. I was invited as a personal photographer to Arkansas Blogger, Tara Gibson of Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes and Georgia Blogger, Lauren Lefevre of Edit By Lauren. Make-up Artist, Jennifer of Jenny Sue Makeup was also with us during our trip. Prior to the trip, I met Tara in Dallas for a shoot and thought she was so kind and fabulous. I knew this trip was going to be a fun experience.

This was my very first time in Florida and I can say Miami was as gorgeous as I thought it would be. We got to stay right outside of South Beach at The Sonesta in Coconut Grove. It was nice to come back to a peaceful hotel without all of the chaos surrounding South Beach for Swim Week. I adored Coconut Grove- this is such a good vacation spot if you are traveling to Miami with family. Just one block from the hotel is an outdoor shopping strip filled with restaurants and goodies. 

From left to right: Lauren, Tara, and Jennifer.

From left to right: Lauren, Tara, and Jennifer.

Our itinerary was filled with fashion shows, presentations, events, and parties. The best part was that everyone was very laid back and nothing felt rushed.

Friday 7/15

The first show I got to experience was for Hot As Hell. They held the show at The W Hotel in a very small tent that probably could hold about 100 people. They would only allow so many people in at once, I seriously don't even know how I got in. Somehow, I managed to watch the show from the 2nd row! 

When that show wrapped, we made our way to an outdoor pool area for the Kaohs Swim show. 

*Click to enlarge*

Saturday 7/16

The first fashion show for the day was at The 1 Hotel for Revel Rey

Next up, we checked out the fabulous Tresemme Hair Salon, located in the penthouse at The W Hotel. 

After getting glam with Tresemme, the girls enjoyed a rooftop pool party. 

Next up, Wynwood Walls! Wynwood Walls is a shopping area covered in art murals. You can access a free outdoor art gallery that has contributions from artists from all around the world. 

Sunday 7/17

We headed over to the Stella McCartney Swim and Eyewear Presentation held at The Webster. 

Trying on Stella McCartney eyewear with Jackie Ward Photography. 

We ended the day attending at the Mara Hoffman BBQ held at the Standard Hotel located on the Venetian Islands.


For more Miami Swim Week fashion, check out Tara's and Lauren's blog.

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Indoor Blog Photography Tips

Anytime I am asked to do an indoor shoot I kind of cringe and anxiety takes over. Indoor photography is such a challenge and takes lots of trial and error. No matter how many tutorials I viewed and articles I’ve read, I felt like I only got better at indoor shoots with time, patience, and making those mistakes. I'm going to be sharing images from my shoot with Being Bridget from her collaboration with Kate Spade. You can catch her full blog post here.

Tip #1:

The difference in indoor photography vs outdoor photography is that you want your subject facing the light or having the light on the side of the subject. Unlike outdoor, back-lit images does not work indoors and could create a harsh shadow on your subject’s face— losing out on the details and creating grain.

Direct light on Bridget and Alison. 10am-11am shooting time. Camera setting: SS 1/160 sec;   f/2.2;   ISO 250

Tip #2:

Be aware of everything in the photograph. You want to make sure you don't accidentally photograph the not-so-pretty things. Ex.) shoes on ground, messy bed, dog crate, ironing board… etc.

Camera setting: SS 1/200 sec;   f/1.8;   ISO 250

Tip #3:

If you want to add a natural glow, work with a reflector or silver foam board. I purchased my reflector from Amazon and my silver foam board from Home Depot in the insulation section.

I got so lucky with Bridget's condo. She had great light exposure from the wide ceiling-to-ground windows, so a reflector wasn't needed. Camera setting: SS 1/160 sec;   f/1.8;   ISO 250

Tip #4:

Try to avoid setting your ISO higher than 800. Grainy images are not ideal in blog photography.

Tip #5:

When working with natural light, you want to make sure all of your florescent lights are off. A huge indoor tip is to only work with 1 light source, so pick 1 or the other. If you are wanting to work with just florescent light, make sure to switch your white balance over to florescent and close those blinds.

Tip #6:

If you keep getting shaky results, work with a tripod! This will allow you to switch up your shutter speed to allow for a clear image.

Tip #7:

Always shoot in RAW and not JPEG. RAW is a non-compressed file that also allows the camera to read more detail in the image— which in the end will help with the shadows and highlights adjustments.

Camera setting: SS 1/160 sec;   f/2.2;   ISO 250

Tip #8:

If you loved an image you captured but it was TOO grainy, you can use the luminance tool in Adobe Raw to smooth out the grain.

Tip #9:

Bring a step stool to get a higher shot of details.

Camera setting: SS 1/320 sec;   f/2.2;   ISO 250

Tip #10:

Composition is key! You want to make sure your images have a good balance and make sure all the elements presented are necessary for the idea you are trying to pass on.

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Big Bend Birthday

My husband and I love a good road trip adventure— So much that we have started a tradition in 2012 to go on a road trip every year, even if it is a mini one (which they have all been kind of mega.) They typically take place during April-May since that is when we both celebrate our birthdays! Nothing beats just the two of us driving 70+ mph down the highway seeing beautiful sights of this amazing country listening to some good tunes.

In 2013, we drove to Nevada from Texas (my mom and sister live in CA) to get married! No, we didn’t get married by Elvis— It was a planned outdoor ceremony at a gorgeous country club with a view of the Nevada desert with just our closest friends and families in attendance.

Last year, we decided to go big and take a long route to Yosemite National Park in CA. We drove through Texas- Oklahoma- Kansas- Colorado- Utah- Arizona- Nevada- California. It was the most stunning road trip we have ever been on. The best views started in Colorado driving through the Rockies— scariest driving experience of my life but so worth it. Utah just kept getting better and better, then Yosemite— after seeing Yosemite Valley your jaw will drop because it is so unbelievably stunning. So if you guys have 2 weeks to road trip this route, I highly recommend! It is such a fun once-in-a-lifetime ride! My husband and I came home feeling just so much more in love and more powerful as a couple.

So finally, this year on my birthday. My husband planned for us to road trip to Big Bend National Park. This park is about 7 hours from Fort Worth; 14 hours round trip! We were only able to go for one day because I had just shot the Reward Style Conference and I knew my clients needed pictures ASAP. So anyways, my sweet husband drove all 14 hrs because he didn’t want me to! He considered it my birthday present— how did I get this lucky?! I decided the whole day I was going to stay off of Instagram and just be with my husband and live in the moment.

So there’s literally nothing in-between Fort Worth and Big Bend until you actually get about an hour away from the park is where you start seeing great views. It was the most ugliest rainy day and we were just so nervous about how the weather was going to be when we arrived to Big Bend and the possibility that we just wasted our time since we wouldn’t be able to hike with the weather like how it was. As soon as we got to Big Bend, I don’t know what it was-- but the sky cleared to blue and the sun came shining through. This is where our AC in the car went out too, so it was a bittersweet moment.

We decided to take the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive to the Santa Elena Canyon. We drove the 30 mile stretch with the windows down blasting out some good ol’ Mumford and Sons, not letting the AC affect our mood.

As soon as we saw the Santa Elena Canyon, there was a good silence between us as we saw the stunning view of the Rio Grande. Everything we had went through to get to that moment was so worth it. The hike was amazing and we met some fun people along the way. After leaving the park, it went back to ugly scary weather-- it looked like a tornado could happen in any moment. It was still an adventure because we saw a rainbow and some fireworks along the way (Nick said Midland, TX planned it for my B-day lol.) I’ll save the rest of my memory from that day to myself. :)

I hope you all enjoy the images I captured during the trip!


As always, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Frequently Asked Questions // Q&A

A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said 'I love your pictures - they're wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.' He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: 'That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove.' - Sam Haskins

  • What exact camera and lens do you have?

This is my most asked question, but I truly believe that you can’t achieve the same results as any photographer if you have their same camera and lens. It’s all about the time you put into editing the image to achieve great results. This question is the same as saying to a chef, “Your food tastes so great, what knives did you use?” It's not about the equipment, but the work you put into it.

To answer this question: I am a Canon girl all the way, but honestly Nikon ain’t that bad either. If you haven’t purchased a camera yet, I would recommend going to a store that has both so you can look at the functions and see which one works better for you. I started with a Canon and kept upgrading to a newer model as I got better. I am loving the Sigma Art Lenses, which can be a little more expensive than the Canon lenses, but the results are amazing. They have mounts for both Canon and Nikon.

I can recommend the Rebel T3i for beginners, it should come with a kit lens but if you are willing to spend an extra $150-$300— look into buying a prime lens like the 50mm 1.8 or 1.4. I also recommend getting a prime lens for Nikon users.

  • How can I get into fashion blogging photography?

Reach out to the local bloggers in your area and let them know you exist. Send them a link to your online portfolio whether it be your website or your instagram along with your rates. If you have no pictures to show off, offer a free or discounted shoot with the blogger to add to your portfolio. When you get confident that you have enough images, start sending out your normal rates. I charge per look, but I know plenty of people that find charging hourly to work better for them.

  • Lightroom or Photoshop?

Both! Try out both of them to see which one you like best. If I have extra time, I’ll go into Lightroom to do all of my coloring and then bring it into Photoshop for touch-ups. With experience spending a lot of time in Lightroom and a lot of time in Photoshop-- I just prefer to do everything in Photoshop since it has a program called Adobe Camera Raw that is similar to Lightroom. I do all of my coloring with selective color, curves, and color balance in Photoshop.

  • How do I get my images so crisp and sharp like yours?

There are many ways to achieve this, If you check out my blog post here: Quick Editing Tips To Know. I explain how I achieved the sharpness in my image. There’s also a sharpening tool in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, and even on instagram. It’s usually under the triangle icon.

  • How did you gain such well-known clients?

Word of mouth and posting and delivering great content. I give every image the attention it needs. I think that spending the extra time to perfect an image will only add great things to your reputation and will definitely show in the end result. With a better product to deliver, the higher the chances your photo will be re-posted by a huge company— meaning exposure for the client, allowing them to get more jobs and them wanting to go to you again for doing such a great job the first time.

  • Where are your favorite spots to shoot in Fort Worth?

I love my city but the locations are very limited. Katey McFarlan and I even shoot in neighborhoods now! But I recommend, the Cultural District which includes the Kimbell Art Museum, Amon Carter Museum and The Modern Art Museum. Off of Magnolia, it’s a shabby chic area with cute little jobs and works with any casual outfit. West 7th has some adorable walls and a great shopping area. Near Shipping and Receiving bar is more of an industrial look and you can also find cool graffiti in this area. Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth is my absolute favorite area, the backdrops are gorgeous and pretty much works with every outfit. The stockyards has bright buildings but I definitely don’t recommend this area because the parking is very limited, the best time to shoot here is in the morning. Last but not least, the stunning TCC Trinity Campus located in Downtown Fort Worth. This area has a gorgeous waterfall and tons of neutral backgrounds.

  • Do you shoot multiple outfits at a time and where do your clients change?

Yes, we are always shooting 3-6 looks at a time to make it worth our time-- that way they have content to post and can write their posts in advance. For changing, most of my clients prefer to use their cars but I do have a pop-up changing tent that I purchased on Amazon that was around $35! It has made all of my clients old/new very happy!

  • What camera setting do you use when shooting?

When I first started out, I used AV mode-- which is just in control of the aperture and ISO. Now, I do everything in Manual Mode-- which allows me to have complete control of my camera including the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. There are many free tutorials out there on youtube and through articles, so make sure to do your research.

  • Did you go to school or are you self-taught?

I did go to Art Institute in Fort Worth for a semester, but honestly the only thing I learned was how to print. Which I don’t even give out to my clients today. So being that I already had experience as a photographer and were showing the instructors new things, I decided it was best for me to leave. I do recommend going to school for photography if you plan on working for a corporation or if you are looking to teach the subject professionally. I learned everything through online resources and trial and error.

  • What online resources do you recommend for learning?

Phlearn.com is where it’s at! They have amazing FREE video tutorials! Also, depending on what you want improvement on, just look it up on youtube. You can learn SO much from a simple youtube video. Jessica Kobeissi has my favorite fashion tutorials through youtube and she’s all about sharing useful information fo' free. Another favorite is, Jana Williams.

  • Do you use VSCO film to edit your images?

I have purchased VSCO film but feel like I’m not achieving the results for my style. I go for more of a editorial look, so I do everything from scratch and even make my own presets and actions on Photoshop. I plan on releasing presets for free once a month! I recommend VSCO if you are looking to achieve a film look and if you are very limited on time.

  • How do you think of so many poses for your clients?

I’ve never been the one to study poses, I actually catch the client in the moment while she’s free styling her posing. If I think of something in the moment I let them know. I do like to guide them and let them know which shot I’m getting at time. I start with full body then move on to details! Even though I have a mental shot list for bloggers, I always remember to capture a creative shot! Walking and action shots can add a unique touch!

  • What program do you use to deliver your proofs?

Pixieset! They give you 3gb for free and even a convenient favorites list that you can export. I usually delete the proofs as soon as I’m done with the shoot. So I’m never taking up any space to have to pay for more data.

  • What do you use to deliver your digital files?

I use to use Dropbox, but now I use Google Drive! For the most part everyone has a gmail account nowadays so they already have Drive! They can easily access their files on their phone with the Google Drive app.

  • What equipment should I bring for a blog shoot?

Yourself, your camera, and favorite lenses. You can ask all of my clients, I only shoot with one lens! You really only need one when you find your go-to-- for me that was my 35mm. To add a unique touch, try playing around with a reflector— So much fun!

  • What is the best advice you can provide for an amateur photographer?

Don’t forget to be creative and try different angles, do something new every shoot. Before you take every shot, look out for the little things (ex. no clear straps showing, lipstick on teeth, tags hanging out.) Get to know your client. Don’t be competitive with other photographers. Stay friendly, genuine and treat people how you would like to be treated— after all this is your reputation and word of mouth is everything in this industry.

  • How/what made you decide to do this full time?

I was working a full-time job where I kept getting promoted while doing photography on the side. I felt it was my time to go since photography was my passion and wanted to give it my full attention. With my husbands support, my business took off a month later which allowed me to leave my full-time job.

  • Do you use an external hard drive or what is your source for storing your photos?

Yes, I store all of my files through a portable external hard drive. I have the Western Digital My Passport, Ultra. Last year, I was using a Western Digital My Book that you have to plug into the wall, but unfortunately I tripped over the cord and broke the hard drive losing all of my 2015 files. So if you can, definitely get the portable hard drive so this never happens to you. R.I.P. My book :( Before purchasing, make sure that the hard drive is compatible for both PC and Mac to use on both systems and for data recovering purposes.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions and for all of the kind offers for a coffee date! I received a lot of inquiries for mentoring and shadowing my shoots. Now I have a couple of questions to ask you all before I decide which route I will be taking:

  1. Would you prefer a one-on-one mentoring session OR a workshop with other beginner photographers?

  2. Would you prefer to work with a professional model or an actual style blogger during your mentoring session/workshop?

Let me know in the comment section below!

XO, Angie

March TOP 12

If you have been following the website, you can see there has been a huge change with the layout. It has switched to the original layout back when I first launched in 2014! I think it's such a great layout that will showcase my strongest work vs. posting every shoot. I will now be doing a monthly post featuring my top twelve favorite shoots of the month starting with March 2016! 

*CLICK TO ENLARGE || Only featuring released shoots

12) Stephany Khayat from Stephany's Choice || Location: Trinity Groves, Dallas

11) Jasmine Elias || Location: Bishop Arts District, Dallas

10) Sam Stewart of Style of Sam for Clothes Circuit Spring Campaign || Location: Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX

9) Lo Murphy from Murphy's Law || Location: Dallas Design District

8) Christina Beauchamp from Fashion & Frills || Location: Downtown Dallas

7) Amanda Miller from The Miller Affect || Location: Arlington Hall at Lee Park, Dallas

6) Misty Dawn from Heels and Hugs || Location: Downtown Fort Worth

5) Lynlee Poston from Gal About Town || Location: Dallas Design District

4) Eryn from Style Sew Me || Location: Arlington, TX

3) Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity || Location: Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth

2) Lauren Kay Sims || Location: Dallas Design District

1/2) Hillary Wortham from Hillary To Paris || Location: Downtown Fort Worth

1/2) Tanika Green from Alwayz Fashionably Late || Location: Downtown Dallas

Thanks so much for stopping by! I seriously can't wait to see what April brings!

XO, Angie

Tips for Working from Home

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a list that I would have LOVED when I started photography full-time. I didn't know how to manage my time properly and would sometimes catch myself working 7am-9pm days and would forget to separate time for personal days. The truth is, I'm still struggling with time management and working towards a set schedule. 

If you follow these steps below, it should make you more successful at working from home. 

  1. Create a set schedule for your week by starting your day at a certain time and ending your day at a certain time. Allow yourself weekends off or atleast 2 days off a week for personal days. Here is my personal schedule: 

    Sunday: Off

    Monday: Off (or Admin)

    Tuesday: Shooting/ Editing Day

    Wednesday: Editing Only Day 8am-5pm

    Thursday: Shooting/ Editing Day 

    Friday: Editing Only Day 8am-5pm

    Saturday: Shooting Only Day

  2. Get ready and dress the part, even if you are home. This will give you the mindset that you are “at work."
  3. Have a work area that is separate from the bedroom if possible. You want the bedroom to be a place you go to relax and working in the bedroom wouldn’t allow that. If you don’t have a study in your home, create a space that is specifically a work area. 
  4. Have a to-do list that is created weekly or daily and cross them off as you go. I like to write down which clients I have to shoot with or edit that day and cross off as I go. It is such a great feeling once everything is crossed off!
  5. Turn your phone on silent or leave in another room. Phones are a huge distraction and you’ll find yourself browsing the web for an hour. (Guilty! Huge challenge for me is to staying off of Buzzfeed! The quizzes and articles are addicting.)
  6. Listen to good tunes or a podcast to tune out any distractions. Spotify is a great music streaming service that you can download onto your computer. Trust me, it's so much better than the app because you can actually pick the songs and albums that you want to listen to with less commercials. Here is my personal “Work Flow” Playlist. 
  7. Don’t watch Netflix or TV during work hours. You’ll find yourself glued to the TV and forget you’re working. Even casually glancing at the TV will take time away from working. *If you just have to, have it as background noise on your laptop on another window, so you can listen to it like a podcast.
  8. If you find yourself snacking more than usual, keep healthy snacks around. 
  9. Give yourself an hour lunch break where you are away from your desk.
  10. Take 2 // 15 minute breaks throughout your day to feel refreshed/ I play with my dogs, check instagram, take a power nap, make some tea or coffee, stretch, quick walk around the neighborhood. (Having dogs is great for that!) 
  11. Spirulina is your BFF and taking daily vitamins.- Skip the soda and energy drinks.
  12. Drink tons of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

XO, Angie

Quick Editing Tips To Know

Here is what I get asked all the time, “Your photos are amazing, what kind of camera and equipment are you using to achieve such crisp and clean images?”

To tell you all the truth, the equipment plays a small part to the final image. Shooting takes about 2 hours tops for 4 outfits and editing takes about an hour an outfit. So I am spending way more time editing than out shooting. One image can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to perfect in photoshop depending on the shoot. Blog shoots I don’t spend too much time on since they need to look more lifestyle whereas a look book shoot will be colored differently so will take more time to post-process.

There are many great editing softwares out there and I think it’s safe to say the top 2 are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Both of these programs are quite expensive, Photoshop CS6 starts at $700 and Lightroom 6 is more affordable at $150. Thankfully, Adobe now has a program called Creative Cloud where you can pay $10 monthly for both! Sign up here: http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/photography.html?promoid=NC5FRQQ5&mv=other

I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop, ever since my sister downloaded it on our first computer back in the 2000’s. PLUS, Photoshop has a program called Adobe Camera Raw that opens up in Adobe Bridge that basically has the same tools as lightroom.

Below is a short video using simple tools for editing in Photoshop. Make sure to watch in HD for full quality.

( I apologize in advance, the mic was close to my neck so you could hear my hair rub against the mic at times, so sorry!)

The tools that I used in the video were:

  • lens profile corrections- Adobe Camera Raw
  • patch tool- Photoshop
  • sharpening tool- Photoshop
  • color balance- Photoshop
  • selective color- Photoshop

Thanks for stopping by, happy editing!

XO, Angie


Blogger featured in this post is Christina Beauchamp from Fashion and Frills.

Blog Shot List

When I first got into Fashion Photography, I had no idea where to start. I knew I wanted to photograph people in fabulous clothes but at the time didn’t know any stylists or models. Then a light bulb went off above my head and I started googling “Fort Worth Fashion Bloggers.” The first name that popped up was Style of Sam. Fast forward to our first shoot, I was so excited to start my fashion career and was super confident about how I was going to be photographing. After our shoot, I started post-processing and realized I forgot many detail shots and let’s say.. I got a little too creative and lost focus on “blog photos.”

If you are starting to get into Style Blog Photography- here is a perfect “Shot List” to follow.

  1. Full Body
  2. Upper Half
  3. Mid Section aka “Pinterest Shot”
  4. Bottom Half
  5. Back Shot
  6. Shoes
  7. Earrings
  8. Bags/Hand item
  9. Jewelry & other accessories
  10. Clothing Detail (if any)
  11. Creative Shot

*Note for the best results- You will need to capture a horizontal, vertical, side view, close up, and get creative with different angles for each shot.

Examples Below: (Click to enlarge)

Full Body

Upper Half

Mid Section aka “Pinterest Shot”

Bottom Half

Back Shot


Earrings- (This shot is the one I forget the most.)

Bags/Hand item

Jewelry + Accessories

Specific Details

Creative Shot

First-time blogger tips:

Tip 1: If you are working with a first-time blogger, I would recommend them to bring anything for them to hold during the shoot. I’ve had a lot of clients that were confused about their hand placement. Have them bring a travel mug, purse, clutch, phone, etc.

Tip 2: First time shoot jitters- After introducing yourself, get to know your client. This will make them feel more comfortable and will definitely make a huge difference in your photos. Another tip is walking through step-by-step what you're going to be photographing.

Example: “Alright Penny, I’m going to be photographing your mid section which is called the ‘Pinterest shot’, you don’t have to worry about your eyes in this shot, but I might get your lips.”

Tip 3: Being in front of the camera is pretty intimidating, even for myself. Have them start by looking away from the camera.

In the end, your clients hired you because of your creative eye. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, take risks, and have fun.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shooting!

XO, Angie


All images from this post were photographed by me featuring images from: Style of Sam, Chronicles of Frivolity, Gal About Town, Alwayz Fashionably Late, Style Sew Me, Natalie Sorensen, Jasmine Elias, Ashley Larea, The Heart of the House and Hustle + Halcyon.

Blog Shoot Tips

Hey guys! I'm super excited to write my first blog post (AH!!) I never thought I would do this because 1.) I'm honestly the worst writer ever. 2.) I really like to stay private which is why you'll never see anything about myself on my social media channels. Think the photographer version of Banksy, just less cool.

So I would like to start this post by sharing tips to help new bloggers on their first photo shoot. It's pretty intimidating to put yourself out there online, so I am here to help to make sure your first blog shoot goes smoothly.

The first step is:

1.) Organization

The week of your shoot, it's best to be prepared. Put together a list of your outfits along with makeup, accessories, hair, and shoes.


OUTFIT 1) Pink Dress- nude sandals- Prada bag- pearl necklace-ponytail, nude lips

OUTFIT 2)  Grey tee- boyfriend jeans- converse sneakers- hair down- gold watch- leopard clutch- red lips

Another way to avoid writing down a list is taking a picture of each outfit the way it is to be worn for the photoshoot. (Tips and images below from Samantha Stewart of Style of Sam.)

2.) Preparation

It’s very important to think about how you are going to arrange your items in your vehicle. When you are looking for a missing bracelet or lipstick- just remember time is money. Your photographer is already late to their next shoot, sometimes it’s best to move forward and be better prepared for next time. #toughlove

Makeup pictured: Urban Decay On The Run palette, Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, Seasonal Tarte mini lipsticks, Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Beach.

Makeup pictured: Urban Decay On The Run palette, Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, Seasonal Tarte mini lipsticks, Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Beach.


TO BRING LIST: (besides clothing)

-Makeup (A good makeup palette for traveling is Urban Decay's Naked ON THE RUN palette. Not only does it have neutral eyeshadow shades, it also comes with a travel size mascara, eyeliner and full size lipgloss. Another plus is the huge mirror it comes with! Highly recommend this for bloggers!

-Makeup wipes for lipstick changes

-Makeup setting spray- This will ensure that your makeup will look flawless from the beginning to the end of the shoot. (Urban Decay is my fav!)

-Paper towels for a sweaty forehead (let’s be real!)

-Tide to-go

-Lint roller (Especially if you have fur babies! Editing lint out is horrible for us.)


-Eyelash curler

-A bra that will work with multiple outfits

-Binder clips if a clothing item is too big

-A mirror if your car doesn’t have one, gotta make sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth!

-Payment for your photographer. The last thing we want to hear is “Can I just pay you next week when I get paid?”

If you aren't expecting to pay the day of the shoot, simply don’t book the shoot.

Keep in mind, we take the time to travel to location, time to shoot, time to wait for outfit changes, post-process the shoot which requires our skills including but not limited to image coloring, re-sizing, cropping, retouching. Using our expensive equipment and editing software. We do A LOT to make sure you have a great experience and great turnout of images for your blog. 

3.) Location

With this being your first shoot, you would want to pick a location with low traffic. At this point, you aren't fully comfortable in front of the camera yet. This will ensure that you can fall without worrying if anyone saw you,  avoid any car honks (happens all the time when shooting on a busy street), people cheering you on, stares, people coming up asking what we are doing. Also, If you aren’t comfortable, it definitely shows in the images. Another huge thing- bloggers change in their cars. We definitely don’t want to be in a high traffic area with someone possibly seeing you changing (worst nightmare!) 

                Blog shoot with Lynlee Poston of Gal About Town, all shot on the same street.

                Blog shoot with Lynlee Poston of Gal About Town, all shot on the same street.

4.) Comfort

Usually during a blog shoot, the photographer and yourself will decide on a location with multiple backgrounds. Make sure to bring a pair of flats or sandals to walk around in so you don’t have to be in pain walking in heels from location to location. 

My photo of Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity.

My photo of Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity.


5.) Pose

The key is to RELAX, GIRL!

Blog shoots are very different from a senior photo shoot. Mainly because it’s less posed and more natural, however you will feel like you’re acting. Usually your photographer will walk you through some steps in the beginning and then let you wing it towards the middle of the shoot. Here’s an example of things we may yell out to guide you:

“Look to the right, play on your phone, tie your shoe, separate your feet, walk towards the wall." Just remember good posture is everything!

My photo of Samantha Stewart of Style of Sam.

My photo of Samantha Stewart of Style of Sam.

I hope you have a successful first shoot and keep these tips in mind for your future shoots. 

 Wishing you the best of luck!

XO, Angie